Manabush was the first-born of the four sons of a great manitou who came to earth and chose a wife from among the people on the earth. He became the friend of the human race, the mediator between man and the Great Spirit. The second son was Chipiapoos, the man of the dead, who presides over the country of the souls, the third was, Wabosso, who, as soon as he saw the light, fled towards the north, where he was changed into a white rabbit, and a great manitou. The fourth son, Chakenapok, the man of flint or firestone, was a cruel villain. In coming into the world he caused the death of his mother.


When he reached manhood Manabush resolved to avenge the death of his mother. He pursued Chakenapok all over the earth. After several encounters he destroyed him. His entrails became the vines and took root in all of the forests. The flint stones scattered over the earth and indicate where the struggles between the brothers took place.


Manabush was the benefactor and protector of the Indian people. He taught them how to make implements to aid them in their hunting and fishing and to protect them against their enemies. He traveled over the country to destroy the evil spirits, giants and other monsters which troubled his red children.


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