Stone and Elderberry Bush'

TxàmsEm went along up Nass River, and came to the place where Stone and Elderberry Bush were quarreling, discussing who should give birth first. Stone wished to give birth first, and Elderberry Bush also wished to give birth first. TxàmsEm listened to what they were saying. Stone said, "If I give birth first, then people will live a long time; if you give birth first, people will live a short time." Giant went to the place where they were and looked, and, behold!

Stone had almost given birth to her child. Then he went to Elderberry Bush and touched her. He said, "Give birth first, Elderberry Bush." Then Elderberry Bush gave birth to her child. For that reason people do not live many years. Because Elderberry Bush gave birth to her child first, man dies quickly. If Stone had given birth first to her child, it would not be so. That is what our people say. That is the story of Elderberry Bush's children; and therefore the Indians are much troubled because Stone did not give birth to her childi-en fu-st. For this reason the people die soon, and elderberry bushes grow on their graves.


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