Southeast Legends of Native America


Choctaw Mythological Figures


Trickster Rabbit (Chukfi or Chokfi): Rabbit is the trickster figure in the folklore of the Choctaw and other Muskogean tribes. His name is pronounced similar to chook-fee, with the first syllable rhyming with "book."

Kowi Anukasha: Little People of Choctaw folklore. They have strong magic and can be very dangerous, but they sometimes also bestow powers upon people who treat them respectfully. Their name literally means "forest dwellers" and is pronounced similar to ko-wih ah-nook-ah-shah. Another Choctaw band of magical little people, the Bohpoli, may be the same as the Kowi Anukasha or may be less dangerous beings.

Unknown-Woman (Ohoyo Chishba Osh): A mythological woman who brought corn to the Choctaw people. Her name means "woman who stretches way back," in other words Long-Ago or Unknown Woman.

Sintholo: Dragon-like horned serpent of Choctaw mythology.

Nalusa Falaya: A frightening shadow-like monster of Choctaw folklore.

Shame: A foul-smelling, bigfoot-like ogre.



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